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RUN offers a comprehensive analysis and evaluation of EMS / HEMS systems and the medical infrastructure.

The main working fields of RUN are:
  • HEMS - air rescue service
  • Interhospital transport
  • Response time analysis
  • Analysis for the need of HEMS bases and stations/units for the EMS system on the ground
  • Data analysis

The following parameters will be examined in particular:

  • demographic and health factors,
  • traffic and communication infrastructure,
  • industrial structure,
  • quality, standard and level of EMS system (incl. personnel and end equipment) (ground and air rescue systems),
  • response activity,
  • EMS communications,
  • clinical, organizational and financial aspects of emergency medical health care,
  • standard and organization of medical control. 

Besides working on projects on the local, regional or national level RUN conducts scientific longterm studies of representative EMS / HEMS systems. The RUN analysis model uses the input from several of these comparative studies as one basis for the evaluation of the HEMS / EMS system performance.

As a result the evaluation will judge the success of the whole system both qualitatively and quantitatively and in comparsion to the national and international standard.

RUN's clients are ministeries, proper authorities, health insurance companies and providers of EMS / HEMS.

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