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Based on the evaluation of the system under consideration RUN defines together with the client and according to the resources available the goals and objectives to be pursued and the acceptable limits of the future program.

The planning process involves the following steps:

  • setting general goals and defining priorities,
  • developing specific objectives in line with the prioritised goals,
  • selecting alternatives with the client and structuring the implementation programs.

To make the most of generally limited resources the RUN program design balances carefully the resources available for each aspect of emergency health care. The following objectives are to be considered:

  • development of a future orientated system design for each EMS / HEMS system,
  • development of a logistical standard for medical control and quality assurance,
  • reorganisation of the emergency dispatch agency,
  • establishment of optimal locations for ambulance stations and helicopter bases,
  • development of demand dependent schedules for the EMS / HEMS system (unit hours),
  • development of a job knowledge profile for service personnel,
  • concept for disaster planning and management.
The overall goal of the RUN system design is clinical effectiveness with economic efficiency.

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